Saigon and Mui Ne

April 30, 2017

It was sort of an on the spot decision to go to Vietnam. I had about 5-6 weeks to kill before heading back to the States for Paige’s wedding and I didn’t want to bother finding a place to live nor a job in Aus when I was just going to head back to the US for a couple of weeks. Plus my dollar will stretch much, much farther in SE Asia than in Aus. I mean honestly it’s insane how cheap it is here. Can you believe hostels cost $5/night?!?! And these hostels were even better than the ones in Aus. Crazy. I can even buy a decent lunch for .50!

First stop was Ho Chi Minh City and my first impression was that Vietnam is by far my favorite SE Asian country. Lots of French architecture! Everyone here rides motorbikes and it’s the best feeling riding late at night when no one is on the road and you just cruise…. The traffic here is cray and of course everyone drives like a maniac. There are literally no rules here, you do whatever you want.

^^ Found an amazing vegetarian restaurant. This isn’t even all the dishes we ordered and it was only $11! Splurging I tell ya.

^^ I went to the Cu Chi tunnels which were built during the Vietnam war. I understand that it’s good to educate myself on these things, but I honestly feel like ignorance is bliss. I was getting such anxiety walking around. You could shoot guns here so you were getting the real experience crawling through these tiny, claustrophobic, underground tunnels hearing gun shots every .2 seconds. I just don’t like knowing all the different ways we all killed each other during the war.

^^ Look at these proper stacking skills! Not pictured was the ginormous rat I saw a few seconds before this picture was taken. He was as big as a possum, just walking through the streets haha.

^^ Cool fruit stands. I finally got to try fresh jackfruit! So many fresh juice, smoothie, and tea stands here!

After Saigon I took a 5 hour bus ride to Mui Ne, a beach town known for its sand dunes. I did the sunrise tour leaving at 4am. Have to mention the fight breaking lose in my room as I was heading out. This guy literally broke the bars off the bunk on top of mine. Apparently fighting over some girl? #hostellife

^^ Check me and my afro.

^^ Also got to check out these amazing red sand cliffs. You take your shoes off and walk upstream in about 5cm of water. Each turn the cliffs just get more and more majestic.

^^ Oh happy day when I can lay on the beach and just eat coconuts.

Next stop, Da Lat!

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  • Robert
    July 23, 2017

    Very cool! Your photos brought back a lot of memories. I hit some of those exact spots years ago.

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