Ninh Binh and Ha Long Bay

May 11, 2017

After another long bus ride (something like 16 hours) I made it to Hanoi. Such a change of pace checking into a hotel instead of a hostel, but I was meeting up with my Aunt and Dad. I checked into my room and thought to myself “What?! The shower and the toilet are separate?! What luxury”.

^^ Auntie’s first night in Vietnam we found this hole in the wall pho place!

^^ Photos from our day trip to Ninh Binh. This lady rowed our boat with her feet! Also got to see some cool caves here. So much green 💚

^^ Okay, how cute are these ladies riding around selling flowers?!?

^^ Another cool fruit stand I saw in Nha Trang!

^^ The Faja has arrived. Here we are with our backpacks as my Aunt and Dad wanted to get a feel for “backpacking”. Although the only real “backpacking” they did was carry a backpack lol.

^^ Here I am trying to like white wine.

^^ We went on a 1 day, 1 night boat trip to Ha Long Bay. These limestone mountains were really cool and reminded me of James Bond Island in Thailand. Amazing scenery, only downside was how touristy it was.

^^ Sunset on the last night.

^^ The Amazing Caves. They go something like 30km deep. I thought the ceilings looked like macaron peaks, but maybe that’s just me haha.

^^ Last brekkie in Hanoi. Supposed to be crab soup, but looked a bit dodgy to me haha. After Hanoi we flew to Saigon for one night as it’s easier to fly into the Philippines from there.

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