July 6, 2017

From Saigon we flew to Manila for one night then off to the island of Boracay. Not going to lie, Boracay was all about relaxing: drinking way too much wine and indulging in super cheap massages! It was sad to see how much Boracay has changed. I remember going 14 years ago and it wasn’t as crowded. I mean, there’s a Starbucks on the beach now!! 

^^ Hands down the best tacos I’ve ever eaten. I may or may not have eaten four.

^^ Beautiful sunset on our first night. These sun rays were amazing!

^^ Views from our tricycle (motorcycle taxi).

^^ On our second day we rented a boat and went snorkeling!

^^ How cute are these photos my Aunt got of me practicing some yoga?

^^ Rented a paddle board for some fun!

 ^^ Shrimp sinigang and milk fish for din at our hotel. We had a lot of fresh seafood on this trip!

Next stop, Siargao!

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