Yoga Infused with Reiki Healing (90 mins)
Yoga and Reiki are both ancient practices used to offer spiritual, mental, and physical wellness. Using reiki on targeted areas whilst holding and breathing through yoga asanas encourages the flow of life energy to support and boost natural healing within the body. These sessions are tailored to your unique body and healing needs.
Initial Reiki Energy Healing (90 mins)
  • Reiki is a Japanese, alternative healing modality used for spiritual healing and self-improvement. Have you ever been bummed out and instantly felt relief when receiving a hug from a loved on? Sometimes we store negative energy and emotions in certain areas of our body. The calming experience of reiki moves stagnant energy within your body to re-establish inner peace and well-being.
1:1 Private Yoga Session (60 mins)
  • Practice at your own pace in the convenience of your home. We’ll work together to create a class tailored to your unique body and individual needs and interests. We will work to lengthen and release tension from your body and strengthen your muscles and your mind through the practice of bringing movement to breath. I believe yoga is more than just a workout or a good stretch. Yoga is just as much for your heart and soul as it is for your physical body. Every session offers a tone of self love and gratitude.
Reiki Energy Healing for Returning Clients
(60 mins)
Much like seeing your therapist, doctor, or masseuse on a consistent basis; energy clearing thrives with the same level of consistency. You may experience major energy shifts during your first session, but it is good practice to maintain these energy tune ups and dive deeper with every session.
Group/Corporate Yoga
(60 mins)
Need a midday pick me up? Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee why not bring yoga to your office?
Bundle Package
(6) 60 min sessions
Can be applied to reiki energy healing or private yoga sessions.