The North Island of New Zealand

After Australia I went to the Philippines for a few weeks and then off to New Zealand for two weeks to embark on an epic road trip from the North to the South. I flew into Auckland and met up with Marissa. The next day we rented a car aka Milton and braced ourselves for driving on the other side of the road 😳 We may have gotten honked at in the city, but honestly the roads are a bit confusing!! Once on the highway though it’s smooth sailing. Also very proud to say we are now pros at driving through roundabouts! 

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outtie straya

One day we ventured off to Margaret River (about a 3 hour drive from Perth) to go to the Lake Cave! Standing inside the cave I couldn’t help but feel so small on Earth. Also I got a bit claustrophobic imagining an earthquake or something and being caved in 😲 Luckily there haven’t been any earthquakes in that area for decades. Makes sense.

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Moving to Australia

As I left for Australia again I was quite anxious. Traveling is one thing, you’re staying in hostels and meeting new people daily. Moving to a different city, let alone country, and trying to find somewhere to live and somewhere to work is a whole different ball game. Months prior I was tossing up the idea of either moving to Melbourne or Perth. I ultimately ended up choosing Melbourne as I thought I would have way more opportunity there as it’s a massive city, very similar vibes to San Francisco. I arrive and immediately hated it. Why did I think moving to another country was a good idea?!?! I cried for like a week. 

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