The North Island of New Zealand

After Australia I went to the Philippines for a few weeks and then off to New Zealand for two weeks to embark on an epic road trip from the North to the South. I flew into Auckland and met up with Marissa. The next day we rented a car aka Milton and braced ourselves for driving on the other side of the road 😳 We may have gotten honked at in the city, but honestly the roads are a bit confusing!! Once on the highway though it’s smooth sailing. Also very proud to say we are now pros at driving through roundabouts!  Continue Reading

outtie straya

One day we ventured off to Margaret River (about a 3 hour drive from Perth) to go to the Lake Cave! Standing inside the cave I couldn’t help but feel so small on Earth. Also I got a bit claustrophobic imagining an earthquake or something and being caved in 😲 Luckily there haven’t been any earthquakes in that area for decades. Makes sense. Continue Reading

Moving to Australia

As I left for Australia again I was quite anxious. Traveling is one thing, you’re staying in hostels and meeting new people daily. Moving to a different city, let alone country, and trying to find somewhere to live and somewhere to work is a whole different ball game. Months prior I was tossing up the idea of either moving to Melbourne or Perth. I ultimately ended up choosing Melbourne as I thought I would have way more opportunity there as it’s a massive city, very similar vibes to San Francisco. I arrive and immediately hated it. Why did I think moving to another country was a good idea?!?! I cried for like a week.  Continue Reading